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controlhq's Journal

Get Smart! - CONTROL Headquarters
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A place to celebrate everything Get Smart!
The television series Get Smart premiered on NBC in September 1965 and ran for five seasons and a total of 138 episodes.

Starring Don Adams as Maxwell Smart (Agent 86), Barbara Feldon as Agent 99, Edward Platt as The Chief of CONTROL, as well as a wonderful supporting cast and special guest stars, Get Smart was created by Mel Brooks and Buck Henry as a satire of the secret agent genre. Every week, audiences watched CONTROL do everything necessary in order to stop KAOS from destroying the free world.

Since the series went off-air in 1970, there have been four Get Smart-related films produced. In 1980, The Nude Bomb hit theatres with some of the original cast still intact. In 1989, Agents 86 & 99 were back on television screens in the ABC movie Get Smart Again!.

Most recently, Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway starred as Max & 99 in Get Smart 2008 with Masi Oka and Nate Torrence taking the lead in Get Smart's Bruce & Lloyd: Out of CONTROL, a direct-to-DVD spin-off.
If you love Get Smart - you've come to the right place! This is the community for you.

controlhq was created as a gathering place on LiveJournal for fans of all ages to celebrate the secret agents they know and love. Huge fan of the TV series? You're welcome here! Saw the new film and loved it? You're welcome here!

Join today and feel free to post everything related to Get Smart. Fanfiction, fanart, icons and other graphics, videos, fanmixes, reviews - the possibilities are endless!

All that's asked is members treat one another with love and respect, huge posts go under LJ-cuts, and appropriate warnings be put on questionable material.


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